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Graduating classes of 2017 and 2018


The purpose of the End of Course Assessments is to measure student achievement in the subject areas of English/Language Arts and Mathematics. The End of Course Assessments (ECAs) are criterion-referenced assessments developed specifically for students completing their instruction in Algebra I or English 10.


The purpose of the test blueprints, designed with the help of Indiana classroom teachers, is to make transparent to educators the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of students on the assessments.

The blueprints can be used as tools to:

  • Align expectations regarding mastery of the standards;
  • Identify the degree of emphasis of curricular components;
  • Assist and guide in prioritizing curriculum and instructional planning; and
  • Enhance classroom assessment.
English 10 Algebra I

Instructional and Assessment Guidance

English 10 Algebra I
Enhanced Guidance for English 10 ECA  

Item Samplers

The Item Samplers on this website provide information about ECAs for students, parents, educators and others. The items in each sampler are examples of the types of items found on ECAs. These examples can serve as models when teachers are constructing items for classroom assessment. It should be noted that the samplers are not practice tests.

English 10 Algebra I

Released Items and Scoring Notes

2016 English 10 2016 Algebra I
2014 English 10 2014 Algebra I

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