English/Language Arts Rubrics

Posted: Wed, 09/21/2011 - 7:42am Updated: Mon, 12/22/2014 - 10:59am

ELA Rubrics (Updated Fall 2014)

Writing and Grammar and Usage Rubrics

The Writing and Grammar and Usage Rubrics assess students' ability to communicate their ideas effectively and to use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and Standard English as defined in the 2014 Indiana Academic Standards (IAS).

As the ISTEP+ test has been updated to align to 2014 IAS, Indiana teachers assisted in ensuring their clarity and alignment to grade-level standards.

Constructed-Response Rubric

The 2-point Constructed-Response Rubric was designed with the help of Indiana teachers to score student responses to open-ended reading comprehension questions.

Accessing Rubrics

To download, click on the grade-level link provided under the type of rubric you wish to access.

Rubrics Writing
Writing (4-point)
Grammar and Usage
3-4 3-4 3-4 3-12
5-12 5-12 5-8
NA NA 9-12