IMAST Grades 3-8

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The purpose of the Indiana Modified Achievement Standards Test (IMAST) program is to measure student achievement in the subject areas of English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Students who participate in IMAST in lieu of ISTEP+ are expected to earn a high school diploma prior to exiting high school either by demonstrating proficiency on any required graduation examinations or through the appeals process. In particular, IMAST reports student achievement levels according to the Indiana Academic Standards that were adopted in November 2000 by the Indiana State Board of Education. Based on Indiana's Academic Standards and presented in a multiple-choice format, IMAST is administered to students whose Case Conference Committee (CCC) determines they meet the eligibility criteria adopted by the Indiana State Board of Education. Therefore the goals listed in the student's CCC report include content standards for the grade in which the student is enrolled. The student's academic goals will be the same as non-disabled peers at grade-level or will generally be aligned to grade-level curriculum.


IMAST was created utilizing the blueprints of ISTEP+, assessing the same content standards.

Item Samplers

The IMAST Item Samplers on this website provide information for students, parents, educators, and others about IMAST assessment items—all of which are multiple-choice. The items shown in each sampler are displayed in both an ISTEP+ format and an IMAST format. Possible item modifications specific to IMAST are presented in each content area IMAST Item Sampler.

ELA Grades 3-5 Math Grades 3-5 Science Grades 4 & 6
ELA Grades 6-8 Math Grades 6-8 Social Studies Grades 5 & 7

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