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The purpose of the Indiana Standards Tool for Alternate Reporting (ISTAR) program is to measure student achievement in the subject areas of English/Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, Science (Grades 4 and 6), and Social Studies (Grades 5 and 7) based on alternate academic achievement standards. Students who perform significantly below grade-level may have personal learning goals that cannot be adequately measured with a grade-level standardized test. ISTAR is a web-based system that utilizes teacher ratings on performance threads comprised of progressive skills based on alternate academic achievement standards that are appropriate to the student's achievement level. The Case Conference Committee determines, based on the eligibility criteria adopted by the Indiana State Board of Education and the student's individual and unique needs, whether a student with a disability will be assessed with ISTAR. Therefore the student's goals and objectives are generally prerequisites to grade-level academics or are highly individualized extensions to the standards.

ISTAR Alternate Assessments: Grade Level

Grade Levels Assessments (print versions)
Grades 3-5 ELA 3-5 Math 3-5 Science 4 Social Studies 5
Grades 6-8 ELA 6-8 Math 6-8 Science 6 Social Studies 7
High School ELA High School Math High School Biology I NA


ISTAR Alternate Assessments: Life Skills and Employability, and Progress Monitoring

Life Skills and Employability Assessments (print versions) Progress Monitoring Assesssments (print versions)
ALL Life Skills Employability Personal Skills ELA 3-5 Math 3-5
Community Access Physical Skills ELA 6-8 Math 6-8
Domestic Care Problem Solving ELA High School Math High School
Interpersonal Responsibility Physical, Personal, Domestic Skills & Community Access


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Results are available to schools through the Learning Connection for students who met participation criteria and were assessed with ISTAR.


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