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Graduation Examination Transition

Beginning in 2016-17, the ISTEP+ Grade 10 English/Language Arts and Mathematics tests replace the End of Course Assessments in Algebra I and English 10 as the graduation examinations. Every Indiana student in the graduating class of 2019 and beyond must demonstrate mastery of the Indiana Academic Standards measured by the ISTEP+ Grade 10 English/Language Arts and Mathematics assessments.

Accountability Assessment

The ISTEP+ Grade 10 English/Language Arts and Mathematics assessments continue to be used for high school accountability in 2016-17.


The purpose of the Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress-Plus (ISTEP+) Grade 10 program is to measure student achievement in the subject areas of English/Language Arts, Mathematics and Science. In particular, ISTEP+ reports student achievement levels according to the Indiana Academic Standards that were adopted by the Indiana State Board of Education. The assessments are administered in two parts: Part 1 consists of applied skills (open-ended) items, and Part 2 includes multiple-choice and technology-enhanced items. Both Part 1 and Part 2 are required components of the ISTEP+ program and are used to measure student mastery of the Indiana Academic Standards.

ISTEP+ Grade 10 Results


The purpose of the test blueprints, designed with the help of Indiana classroom teachers, is to make transparent to educators the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of students on the assessments.

The blueprints can be used as tools to:

  • Align expectations regarding mastery of the standards;
  • Identify the degree of emphasis of curricular components;
  • Assist and guide in prioritizing curriculum and instructional planning; and
  • Enhance classroom assessment.
Content Areas New for 2018-19
Grade 10 English/Language Arts N/A
Grade 10 Mathematics N/A
Grade 10 Science1 Grade 10 Science2

1 ISTEP+ science blueprint aligns to the 2010 standards.  Field test items align to 2016 standards.
2 Future science blueprint aligns to the 2016 standards.

Item Samplers

The Item Samplers on this website provide information about ISTEP+ for students, parents, educators, and others. The items in each sampler are examples of the types of items found on ISTEP+. These examples can serve as models when teachers are constructing items for classroom assessment. It should be noted that the samplers are not practice tests.

Item Samplers 2016-17

Instructional and Assessment Guidance

These documents are designed to assist teachers in planning and prioritizing instructional time in order to focus on college and career readiness and ensure student success.

Instructional and Assessment Guidance 2016-17

Released Part 1 Applied Skills (open-ended) Items and Scoring Notes

The documents in the chart below include the open-ended items from ISTEP+ Part 1 (which are no longer considered secure), along with a description of the item types and scoring rules, as well as sample student responses.

Content Area Grade
English/Language Arts Grade 10
Mathematics Grade 10 
Grade 10 Online
Science Grade 10

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