Office of Student Assessment

Posted: Fri, 07/29/2011 - 8:29am Updated: Thu, 09/04/2014 - 2:14pm
The Office of Student Assessment manages multiple statewide assessments which provide measures of student knowledge and understanding and can be used to make informed decisions that help improve student achievement. Click on the assessment links below for more information about Indiana's statewide assessments. The Indiana Assessment Program Manual contains policies and procedures for Indiana's assessment system.

Assessment Testing Windows

2013-2014 Indiana Assessment Program Manual

NOTE: The information below is from the 2013-14 school year. New chapters and Appendix items will be released as soon as the 2014-2015 Indiana Assessment Program Manual is updated and posted.


Chapter 1 (ISTEP+)

Chapter 2 (ECAs)

Chapter 3 (IREAD)

Chapter 4 (IMAST)

Chapter 5 (ISTAR)

Chapter 6 (ILAAS/LAS Links)

Chapter 7 (mCLASS)

Chapter 8 (Acuity)

Chapter 9 (NAEP)

Chapter 10 (Test Preparation, Administration, and Reporting)



Appendix A
Code of Ethical Practices and Procedures
Protocol for Reporting and Investigating Alleged Breaches or Irregularities
Indiana Testing Security and Integrity Agreement

Appendix B (Forms)
ECA Date Change Request
• ISTEP+, IMAST, IREAD-3 Date Change Request
Bilingual Dictionary Request
Medical Necessity Request
Request for Non-Standard Assessment Accommodation
Testing Irregularity Report
Testing Concerns and Security Violations Report

Appendix C (Accommodations Guidance)

Appendix D (Technical Aspects and ISTEP+ Legislation)

Appendix E (Test Administration Windows)

Appendix F (Sample Items and Rubrics)

Appendix G (Terms and Definitions)

Appendix H (ISTEP+ Reliability and Validity Report)

Appendix I (Approved Bilingual Dictionary List)

Documents Established Pursuant to SBOE Administrative Rule, 511 IAC 5-5

Indiana's Assessments

Staff Directory

Name Position Email Phone
Kemp, Benjamin Mathematics and Science Assessment Specialist (317) 232-9050
Mastrucci, Adam End-of-Course Assessment Specialist (317) 232-9050
Mirabelli, Jim Mathematics Assessment Specialist (317) 232-9050
O'Malley, Mark NAEP Specialist (317) 232-9050
Potter, Linda Support Specialist (317) 232-9050
Stein, Karen Special Programs Assessment Specialist (317) 232-9050
Thompson, Erin English/Language Arts Assessment Specialist (317) 232-9050
Trice, Sholonda Senior Program Manager (317) 232-9050
Walker, Michele Director of Student Assessment (317) 232-9050
Watts, Sharon Support Specialist (317) 234-5585