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Course Titles and Descriptions

Posted: Fri, 10/07/2011 - 10:36am Updated: Thu, 11/12/2015 - 9:55am

Course descriptions provide brief descriptions of kindergarten, elementary, middle level and high school curricular areas. These descriptions will assist schools in communicating, in a broad context, the content of programs and courses. Code numbers listed before each program/course title and description are to be used for Indiana Department of Education data reporting.

The table below provides access to the 2014-15 Course Titles and Descriptions for High School, Middle School and Elementary Curricular Areas. State Approved Course Titles and Descriptions for 2011-14 are located in the Archived section at the bottom of this page.


High School Courses Updated Download
Indiana High School Course Titles Summary for 2014-2015 (includes information on courses that qualify for dual credit for Honors Diplomas - both AHD and THD - and A-F Accountability) 08/20/2014 PDF
Indiana High School Course Titles Summary for 2015-2016 11/12/2015 PDF
Indiana High School Course Titles and Descriptions for 2015-2016 07/15/2015 PDF


Elementary/Middle School Subjects Updated Download
Indiana Elementary/Middle School Subject Titles Summary 2014-2015 07/15/2014 PDF
Indiana Elementary/Middle School Subject Titles and Descriptions 2014-2015 07/16/2014 PDF
Indiana Elementary/Middle School Subject Titles Summary 2015-2016 05/08/2015 PDF
Indiana Elementary/Middle School Subjects and Descriptions for 2015-2016 05/08/2015 PDF


Quantitative Reasoning Courses

In November 2011, the State Board of Education approved the inclusion of a "Quantitative Reasoning" requirement to all diploma types, among other changes. A quantitative reasoning course is a high school course that advances a student's ability to apply mathematics in real-world situations and contexts and deepens a student's understanding of high school mathematics standards.

Nonstandard Course Waiver

The list of courses above have been approved for general use by the State Board of Education. In addition, schools can submit a nonstandard course waiver to offer courses that are not found in the documentation above. Schools must have an approved nonstandard course waiver prior to offering a course or awarding credit for a course that is not in the state approved course titles and descriptions document.

To apply for a nonstandard course waiver, please complete the waiver document below and submit with any supporting documentation to

Archived Course Titles and Descriptions


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