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Global Learning and World Languages

Every educator should consider how much the world beyond the classroom, neighborhood, state and country will impact each student. Each of their future endeavors will involve a touch with a perspective different than his or her own and educators can help prepare students to be successful with those experiences. Fostering lifelong learning and globally-conscious students can happen when the educators infuse global ideas into their classroom. From decorating with travel mementos to inviting in guest speakers with diverse backgrounds to utilizing internationalized content, every teacher can have an impact. IDOE is glad that you have taken the first step to learn more about global learning and access the many resources and tools available to help bring global learning to life in your classroom.

Global Learning Educators on the Learning Connection

For more information and resources for teachers, please join the IDOE – Global Learning Community on the Learning Connection. By joining this community, you will be sent announcements with scholarship, fellowship and project opportunities that promote international engagement and exchange for both teachers and students of all content areas. For instructions on how to register, please click here.

Professional Development

Content-Specific Global Learning Guide: The document below is a collaborative document with the ideas and expertise of the IDOE content area specialists. This document walks a teacher through how and why to integrate global learning concepts into the classroom and gives examples and resources in each content area. There is an FAQ section at the end of the document to help teachers overcome any roadblock standing in their way of creating global-ready graduates from kindergarten through graduation.

Blendspace: A blendspace is an online module with presentation materials, videos, links and documents embedded all related to a particular topic.

Symbaloo Webmix: A Symbaloo webmix is a single webpage that one can bookmark where a series of links can be housed and organized surrounding a particular topic. When the author updates the webmix, anyone with the link will see the updated version.

Internationalizing the Indiana Academic Standards (IASI)

In conjunction with Indiana University, Bloomington and with support from the Longview Foundation, the Indiana Academic Standards have been edited and formatted to include a series of suggestions for infusing global content into the teaching of the standards in the areas of English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies in each grade level or course K-12.

Internationalizing the Academic Standards: Indiana - Elementary School - English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies


Updated Science IASI Coming Spring 2017

Middle School & High School

Additional Global Learning Resources


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