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Business, Marketing, Information Technology, & Entrepreneurship (BMIT&E)

The mission of Business, Marketing, Information Technology, & Entrepreneurship (BMIT&E) Education in Indiana is to work cooperatively with the business community to prepare all individuals to live and work as productive citizens in a changing global society by providing essential business education, training, and experiences. These experiences should actively engage students using instructional strategies that rely on use of technology and current and emerging business practices and procedures.

Career and Technical Student Organization Information

BMIT&E Standards

Career Pathways

Resources for BMIT & E

  • Learning Connection (various communities)
    • IDOE – Business, Marketing, & IT Education
    • IDOE – Computer Science K - 12
    • IDOE – Curriculum and Instruction
    • IDOE – Ed Tech Connect
    • IMEA – Indiana Marketing Educators Association
    • Indiana Business Education Association

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Dena Irwin
State Program Leader
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