Posted: Fri, 05/17/2013 - 11:15am Updated: Tue, 06/20/2017 - 9:17am

My Big Campus

**Memo on My Big Campus, March 2015

**MBC Transition FAQ

On April 17th, the IDOE's Office of eLearning held the first meeting of the recipients of the 2013 Imagining and Creating eLearning Grant. These 16 districts have proven their leadership of digital learning, and have further agreed to be a part of a larger collaboration in one of three consortia:

Digital Content: Create and curate rigorous, standards-aligned, content that will allow learning that is liberated from the textbook. Three of these districts will focus specifically on student produced digital content.

Customized Learning: Develop a framework for instruction that is student-paced and focused on mastery of content and skill.

Flexible Scheduling: Imagine and implement schedules for a student’s day or week that leverage digital work to break the traditional mold.

As these groups began to have their first conversations about where their collaboration would take place, the consensus was My Big Campus (MBC). MBC is a social learning platform that already registers logins from more than 800 Indiana schools, and many of the districts represented at this meeting were among them. Flexible scheduling districts were using MBC to deliver content to students away from school, the customized learning districts were in talks with MBC developers to design tools to track student progress in new ways, and nearly all of the digital content group had used MBC Bundles for content creation and curation. By the end of the day, each consortium had established a group in My Big Campus to continue their collaboration digitally.

Out of the momentum of these schools uniting their efforts in a common place, My Big Campus has renewed their commitment to the state which it has identified as the leader in eLearning. This letter from Lightspeed shares the details of our ongoing partnership to provide My Big Campus free to Indiana educators. This move clears the barriers for any schools who would like to join in this collaboration for creating digital learning opportunities. We are very grateful for their partnership, and this support of our schools taking the next step forward.

If you don't currently have access, simply go to and request a free account.