Indiana Digital Learning Month

Posted: Fri, 01/04/2013 - 1:10pm Updated: Fri, 01/23/2015 - 12:55pm

Join Indiana as we celebrate digital learning with an entire month of digital learning opportunities! Beyond participating in the National Digital Learning Day on March 13th and encouraging all of our educators to register on the DLD site, Indiana will offer the following Digital Learning Month events:

  • Indiana Digital Learning Month 28-day Web 2.0 Challenge – Each day an educator will blog about how he or she is using a Web 2.0 resource in the classroom or school. Be sure to subscribe to this year’s blog so that you will be notified when each day's post is available and to see last year’s blog.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest has become a wildly popular tool for collecting and organizing ideas and resources. Follow our Pinnovation Board and each day in February we will highlight a Pinner who is building boards that inspire innovation in the classroom.
  • Digital Content Rockstars - Join #INeLearn as we celebrate digital content curators across the state as we continue down the path of digital learning and making a difference for our Indiana students!
  • Geekouts are weekly Google Hangouts on Air every Friday leading up to a full day of Geekouts on Friday, March 13, 2015. The schedule:
      • Feb 13-Hoosier Student Digital Leaders
      • Feb 20-The Makerspace 
      • Feb 27-Digital Content Curation Rockstars
      • March 6- Future Ready Districts
      • March 13-A series of 5 Geekouts will take place and this time, students are joining our panelists!
          • 9:00 am EST  Future Ready Districts
          • 10:00 am EST Hoosier Student Digital Leaders
          • 11:00 am EST Digital Content Curation Rockstars
          • 1:00 pm EST Social Media in the Classroom
          • 2:00 pm EST The Makerspace

To get more information about National Digital Learning Day and how to get involved in Indiana's Digital Learning Month events, check out the archive from the January 16th #INeLearn Twitter chat.