Innovation Planning Grants 2014

Posted: Tue, 11/26/2013 - 11:13am Updated: Tue, 04/01/2014 - 3:13pm

Grant Focus
The development of a Comprehensive Plan to Implement a One-to-One Program with Digital Curriculum.

Applying for this grant signals that you are ready to embark in the complex process of implementing digital learning in a 1:1 setting. It is likely that your leadership team has already researched and envisioned a range of new potentials for learning in your schools. You may need resources to further investigate and assess models that embrace the new vision. You are poised to move into the planning stage of implementation and develop a foundation for that vision being realized. The work is not solitary. You will need to engage with all stakeholders, partner with outside evaluators to complete infrastructure and instructional audits, and work as a team toward capacity building. At the end of the process, your district will be prepared to implement the plan you develop.

We anticipate awarding a maximum of 10 grants up to $30,000 each to districts with 5,000 or less student enrollment. This is a beginning grant for planning and exploration, not a grant for continuing or expanding existing 1:1 implementations. Any district that already received an Innovation Planning Grant may not apply for this grant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are we still eligible for this grant if we are already 1:1 at our high school?  We are planning on doing something different for our K-8 students. 
A: Essentially, if you have already begun 1:1 work at any level and would like to use this grant to continue, improve or expand that work, this is not the right grant. The Innovation Planning Grant is for beginning the process of planning and exploration.
Q: It said corporations that received the Innovation Planning Grant may not apply. Does that include all Innovation grants?
A: Innovation had found its way into several grant titles so that causes some confusion. If you received other Innovation funds to support implementation of 1:1 then you are beyond the initial stages intended for this grant. For example, if you received a Classroom Innovation Grant from our office in the past, you are further down the road in 1:1 and are not eligible for this grant.
Q: How do I check to see if we received an Innovation Planning Grant in the past?
A: Last year was the first time we offered this grant. You can always refer to the list on our webpage


Metric 1: Does the corporation/school system propose effective goals and show evidence that they would be able to develop a useful planning document? (25 points)
Metric 2: Do the strategies and metrics reinforce and measure the proposed goals? (15 points)
Metric 3: Do the Project Goals invest in development of staff capacity and support pedagogical change towards building an innovative ecosystem for digital age learning? (25 points)
Metric 4: Do the project goals lead to the creation of a plan that is a model of professional development and cultural change which is exportable and useful to other Indiana schools? (10 points)
Metric 5: Do the letters of support clearly show that stakeholders are invested and willing to support the movement of their school or school system as they create a plan to increase the integration of digital tools and curriculum? (25 points)

Posted: December 2, 2013

Closed: December 23, 2013 12:00 p.m. EST

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For questions about the application or the grant, please email Michelle Green.