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Innovation Planning Grants

Posted: Tue, 11/26/2013 - 11:13am Updated: Fri, 09/25/2015 - 9:21am


Applying for this grant signals that you are ready to embark in the complex process of implementing digital learning in a 1:1 setting. It is likely that your leadership team has already researched and envisioned a range of new potentials for learning in your schools. You may need resources to further investigate and assess models that embrace the new vision. You are poised to move into the planning stage of implementation and develop a foundation for that vision being realized. The work is not solitary. You will need to engage with all stakeholders, partner with outside evaluators to complete infrastructure and instructional audits, and work as a team toward capacity building. At the end of the year, your corporation will be prepared to implement the plan you develop.

Grant Focus:

Develop a Comprehensive Plan to Implement a One-to-One Program informed by:

External vendor support: corporations will need to complete two readiness assessments. One specifically on infrastructure or tech readiness and the other, an instructional audit, to give an overview of your schools’ learning culture and areas of professional development needs.

School visit(s): team visit at least one Indiana school corporation that has already successfully launched/implemented a 1:1 initiative  

Professional learning: The leadership team will participate in varied learning opportunities offered by the Office of eLearning and other organizations.

Scoring Guide:

Metric 1: Does the corporation propose a vision for the integration of technology into teaching and learning that is aligned with their district vision and mission for learning? 25 pts

Metric 2: Has the corporation system invested in development of staff capacity in order to support pedagogical change towards building an innovative ecosystem for digital age learning? 25 pts

Metric 3: Does the corporation identify a leadership team representing a balance of roles/perspectives? 20 pts

Metric 4: Does the corporation show evidence that they would be able to develop a useful planning document? 20 pts

Metric 5: Does the application indicate that all stakeholders are invested and willing to support the movement of their corporation as they create a plan to increase the integration of digital tools and curriculum?  10 pts

Eligibility: We anticipate awarding a maximum of 10 grants up to $30,000 each. Any corporation that already received an Innovation Planning Grant may not apply for this grant.

New to the application process?  

Jotform does not allow you to save work in progress. We suggest that you create a working document so that you can copy and paste responses when you are prepared to submit.

District Information: As part of the application, we have a series of questions related to professional learning resources available to all corporations. These include:

Speak Up Survey

eLearning Admin Academy session(s)

The Introduction to Online and Blended Learning Course

Summer of eLearning conferences

State conference such as HECC or ICE

IDOE Communities of Practice on Google+

The Future Ready Pledge

Leadership Team: We understand that in smaller corporations one person very well may fill multiple roles, but this team should ideally include the following:

The corporation Superintendent or a representative
The corporation Chief Financial Officer or business office representative
A corporation or building curriculum leader
The corporation Chief Technology Officer or technology director
A district or building professional development leader
Classroom leaders

Budget Considerations: This grant is not for purchasing large scale 1:1 student or teacher devices. Awarded monies are to be used for external vendor audits, professional learning, site visits, and exploratory devices or resources.

According to state guidance, budgets should be concise but also detailed with respect to costs and quantities.  Any travel billed to this grant must follow Indiana travel rules:

  • Gas Mileage - $0.40/mile
  • Per Diem - $26/day and only on trips longer than a day
  • Lodging - $89 + tax/night unless you are attending a conference and you can get the conference rate.


*Description: Center Grove - 4 team members in 2 cars 75 miles round trip * $0.40/mile = $60

**Description:  ICE Conference - 2 team members in 1 car 72 miles round trip * $0.40/mile = $28.80; Registration for 2 @ $350/registration = $700; Hotel - 2 rooms @ $163/night (tax included) for 2 nights = $652; Per Diem - 2 team members for 2 days = $52.

We have added a video component to the application:

Submit a 3-5 minute video to introduce your team and tell us what you want teaching and learning to look like in your corporation’s classrooms, and why you make a good candidate for this grant. This is meant to be a simple way to include your voice in the application, not an opportunity to showcase your technical video ability.

Upload your video to YouTube. For step-by-step assistance, click here.
Make your setting Unlisted. For more information on video settings, click here.
In the application, you will share the URL generated for the video. You can find this under the video’s Info and Settings or during the Upload status under “Your video will be live at.”

Note: We will not share the link outside of the grant reviewer group. At the end of the application process, you can remove the video or make the settings Private.


post: September 3, 2015
due: September 24 2015
notifications: October 9, 2015

For questions about the application or the grant, please email Michelle Green.

Previous grant recipients listed here.