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Innovation Planning Grants

Posted: Tue, 11/26/2013 - 11:13am Updated: Mon, 01/05/2015 - 11:13am

The intent of the Innovation Planning Grant is to incentivize the thoughtful planning in districts, which have not yet established or are in the initial stage of developing a systemic culture of digital teaching and  learning in their schools. School districts that are awarded this grant are ready to embark on the complex process toward implementing digital learning. Funds from this grant support partnership with an outside evaluator to complete infrastructure and instructional audits, 1:1 school visits, and development of an implementation plan focused on digital teaching and learning. 

You may need resources to further investigate and assess models that embrace the new vision. You are poised to move into the planning stage of implementation and develop a foundation for that vision being realized. The work is not solitary. You will need to engage with all stakeholders, partner with outside evaluators to complete infrastructure and instructional audits, and work as a team toward capacity building. At the end of the process, your district will be prepared to implement the plan you develop.

We anticipate the next application period for Innovation Planning Grants to open in September 2015.

For questions about the application or the grant, please email Michelle Green.

2014 recipients were:

Anderson Community School Corporation
Brown County School Corporation
Eminence Community School Corporation
Linton-Stockton School Corporation
New Albany Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation
North Lawrence Community Schools
North Putnam Community Schools
Northwest Allen County Schools
Portage Township Schools
Salem Community Schools
South Putnam Community Schools
Southeast Fountain School Corporation
Community Schools
Washington Community Schools
Whitley County Consolidated Schools

Previous grant recipients listed here.