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2013-2014 Staff Performance Evaluation Results

IC 20-28-11.5-9 requires each charter school, including virtual charters, and school corporation to provide the disaggregated results of staff performance evaluations by teacher identification numbers to the DOE. School corporations and charter schools submitted this data for all certificated staff through the DOE-ER data collection, which closed November 30, 2014. This was the first year charter schools were required to report evaluation results to the DOE.

The law also requires the DOE to report the results of staff performance evaluations in the aggregate to the State Board of Education and to the public via the department's Internet web site annually by December 15. The spreadsheet below includes the following required data:

  • The aggregate of certificated employees of each school and school corporation;
  • The aggregate of graduates of each teacher preparation program in Indiana;
  • The annual retention rate for certificated employees for each school, including charter schools;
  • Aggregate results of staff performance evaluations for each evaluation category;
  • Aggregate results of staff performance evaluations for each category broken down by content area of the initial teaching license received by teachers upon completion of a particular teacher preparation program.

The DOE has not yet completed detailed analysis of the data; however, additional analysis is being completed and will be presented at the State Board of Education meeting on January 7, 2015.

For information on what the data represents and how it was configured, please refer to the FAQ. The department did not post data for school, district and teacher preparation institutions where less than 10 educators were reported, as this data could be personally identifiable.

2013-14 Evaluation Results data contained in the Excel file above represents that which was reported to IDOE by the close of the collection deadline on 11/30/2014.

Teacher Performance Grant

$2 Million 2015-2016 Excellence in Performance Grant

The Excellence in Performance Award, totaling $2 million, is administered by the Indiana Department of Education and awarded to school corporations and charter schools for teachers rated Highly Effective in Title I Focus and Priority schools .  The 2014-15 award may be distributed to Highly Effective teachers in leadership roles during the 2015-2016 school year or used as a retention stipend to retain the Highly Effective teachers in the Title I Focus and Priority school for the 2016-2017 school year.  To be eligible for this award, an LEA must have an evaluation plan that meets the requirements established in IC 20-28-11.5.  Applications are due November 6, 2015 and must be submitted to performanceaward14@doe.in.gov.

Onsite Monitoring Resources

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State Evaluation Model

Staff Performance Evaluation Results 2012-2013

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