Posted: Fri, 07/29/2011 - 8:41am Updated: Tue, 08/02/2016 - 2:51pm

The division's goal is to provide customer services, fiscal responsibility and accountability, through established best practices, to the programs incorporated in the IDOE while operating with optimal efficiency and aligning all available resources around student learning.

The Indiana Department of Education Finance Team strongly encourages all school and corporation staff to join the School Finance Community on Learning Connection. Schools can find announcements from the Finance Team as well as resources on different areas and topics of school finance. To join the Learning Connection community, login at, click on “my communities” under “Contacts & Communities” and search for “School Finance” under “Find a Community”.

Finance has Made it Happen!

Staff Directory

Name Position Email/Phone
Orton, Krista Controller
(317) 232-6991
Pattison, Amy Assistant Director of School Finance
(317) 232-0843
Payton, Alisa Account Manager
(317) 232-0528
Pendleton, Brad Choice Scholarship Program Coordinator, Fiscal Analyst
(317) 232-0538
Poteet, Tamara Account Manager
(317) 233-5435
Potter, Linda Contract Specialist
(317) 232-0507
Roth, Kathryn Choice Program Coordinator (Fiscal Analyst)
(317) 234-5603
Shah, Deipan Accounts Payable/Asset Management/Purchasing Supervisor
(317) 234-6870
Sims, Ashley Fiscal Analyst
(317) 232-9186
Snyder, Laura Travel Specialist
(317) 232-0513