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Grants Management

Posted: Fri, 07/29/2011 - 8:41am Updated: Thu, 02/26/2015 - 10:13am
The Grants Management office was created in July 2011 to increase efficiency and reduce burden on local school corporations. The goal of this new office is to launch an online grants management system as well as to streamline grant applications, grant reporting requirements and monitoring visits.

Staff Directory

Name Position Email Phone
Barber, Jeff Assistant Director of Grants Management (317) 232-9143
Broderick, Mark Grant Specialist (317) 232-0540
Cummins, Linda Support Specialist (317) 233-9228
Dillon, Katie Grants Specialist (317) 232-0572
Fields, Sarah Title I Grants Specialist (317) 232-9138
Garrison, Lloyd Grants Management Specialist (317) 232-0544
Lamey, Elizabeth Title I Grants Management Specialist (317) 234-6646
Luther, Bill Title I Grant Specialist (317) 232-9044
Martz, Brenda Grants Specialist (317) 232-0593
Reedus, Lenee Grant Specialist (317) 232-0540
Richburg, DeVonne 21st Century Grant Specialist (317) 234-7033
Rusthoven, Linda Charter School Grant Specialist (317) 233-3047
Ryan, David Title I Grants Specialist (317) 232-9119