Posted: Thu, 09/03/2015 - 10:19am Updated: Wed, 04/26/2017 - 2:10pm

DOE Online was developed by the Indiana Department of Education as a way to display various functionality to corporations and schools (e.g. Reading Plan, Job Posting, School Health Reporting, etc.). 

DOE Online Functions (Publicly Available)

DOE Online Functions (For Schools)

  • Accreditation: Legal Standards Assurance
  • Assessment: Classroom Assessments
  • Assessment: Corporation Test Coordinator
  • Calendar (DOE-CL)
  • Certification of Instructional Days (DOE-CID)
  • Corporation Home School Report
  • Elementary Reading Plan
  • Finance: Form 9 Application
  • Finance: Expenditure Survey
  • Graduation Letters from the Superintendent
  • Job Bank
  • Language Minority: NESP Funds Application
  • Language Minority: NESP APR Report
  • Master File (DOE-MF)
  • Non-Certified Employee DOE-NE)
  • Non-Public Pupil Enrollment (DOE-NP)
  • School Bus Driver Application
  • School Health Reporting

Sites that utilize DOE Online Login Credentials (For Schools)

DOE Online Accounts (For School Personnel Only)

Corporation or school employees who are authorized to complete information for one of the above applications may request an account. The accounts are approved by your local administrator. Questions about accounts or usernames/passwords should be directed to your local system administrator.