Posted: Wed, 02/17/2016 - 4:04pm Updated: Thu, 02/18/2016 - 9:48am

What is the Learning Connection? The Learning Connection is a web-based portal that provides data, resources and tools for school improvement. The Learning Connection also serves as a new channel of communication between the DOE and educators. In addition to learning management tools for teachers, the Learning Connection provides a means for teachers to securely access student achievement data for the students they serve and a common platform for collaborating with other teachers across the state. Initial development of the Learning Connection was funded by a federal statewide longitudinal data system grant.

Who can use the Learning Connection? Indiana educators are encouraged to become registered users of the Learning Connection. Parents and students can receive access to the Learning Connection through their local schools.

What is the cost? There is no cost to use the Learning Connection.

What do I need in order to use the Learning Connection? In order to use the Learning Connection, you will need your username and password, (created during the registration process) and a computer with Internet access. The Learning Connection is compatible with the following browsers: Internet Explorer v. 7.0 or later and Firefox v. 2.0 or later.

How do I register? Educators can self-register online at Registration codes for parents and students are distributed upon discretion of the local corporation/school.

I registered for an account. How do I activate my account? After you register an email with a link to activate your account is sent to your email address from If you don't receive the email within a few minutes please check your email program's junk folder and add this email address to your address book as an approved sender. You may need to unblock this email address with assistance from your email provider or local technical support.

I have changed schools. Should I register for a new account with my school? No. The Learning Connection was designed to have a single account for each educator based on the School Personnel Number (SPN). You should utilize the account that you already have on the system. Please update your email address on your profile and request to join your new school using the Find a Community Link under My Communities. You can also leave your current school's community in this area.

Why do I need to provide my Date of Birth and Last 4 SSN? Educators need to provide this information because the system provides access to student data via the schools. The information is used to match with other IDOE systems to help verify your identity. This data remains private from other users.

A teacher's name has changed. What is the procedure to update a name? Educators should login to their Learning Connection accounts, click on the Profile, the click 'edit" next to their name. The local school corporation may also wish to edit/update the educator name in the state reporting site, the STN Application Center. In addition, educators should alert the Office of Licensure about their name change.

I cannot remember my password and when I try to reset it, I receive a message that my answers to security questions are incorrect. How can I login? You will need to select the Contact Support link and complete your request for a new password to be sent to you.

How do I view student ISTEP+ data for my classes? Educators will need to request access to a corporation/school that is using The Learning Connection, or register with a Registration Code from the school. Educators are able to view students that are enrolled in their current classes and that have ISTEP+data under the Reports section. Educator's current classes and class rosters must be uploaded to Learning Connection by the local corporation/school. Please contact your local Learning Connection Administrator for assistance.

How secure is the data? Is it safe? Only teachers and school administrator are permitted to access information about the children they serve. Educators need to provide personal identification (date of birth and the last four digits of social security number) and must be verified by the school administrator before they are granted access to student data.

The Learning Connection uses industry standard security measures (SSL encryption) to ensure that passwords are not compromised. The Indiana Department of Education has implemented a schedule for regular backups of the information stored on the Learning Connection.

How are time zones handled? Indiana has two time zones. You may customize your Learning Connection with the time zone appropriate to your school. Time zone controls are located in the settings tab of your profile. If you are a parent living outside Indiana, it is recommended that you select the time zone specific to your child’s home or school.

How do I manage the email notifications I receive from the system? You can choose which email notifications you wish to receive from the system via the Notifications tab of your user profile. Educators can also choose to receive a single daily or weekly notification email as a digest of all information from the communities of which they are members.

Who looks at the information I put on the Learning Connection? You control who can see the information you enter into the Learning Connection. You can choose to share it only with specific users or to publish it for all users to see.

What type of support is available to help with any questions I may encounter? A collection of training and ‘Help’ materials have been created to guide you through most questions. In addition, each school that is utilizing the Learning Connection has a System Administrator to assist you with technical difficulties related to your Learning Connection account.

Which schools are required to use the Learning Connection? Use of the Learning Connection is voluntary, yet serves as the primary communication tool to schools from the Indiana Department of Education. Schools are expected to enroll in the Learning Connection and take advantage of the features that can help improve student achievement at the local level.

I registered as an educator without a registration code from my school. My school is now using the Learning Connection. How can I be granted access to that school? Schools that you are member of will appear under the "My Communities" tab. To request access to a school, you can click the "Find a Community" link, search for the school, and request access to it. The system administrator will then be able to grant you access to the school.

What is the SPN Number? The School Personnel Number (SPN) is a unique number/letter combination that is assigned to all educators in Indiana. It is eight digits. Most educators will not need to know their SPN Number. It is assigned through the STN Application Center and each corporation has a person/persons who manage this IDOE system. Any staff who will who need access to a school within The Learning Connection can be assigned an SPN.

Will the Learning Connection replace technologies currently in use in schools such as the student information system? The Learning Connection should be viewed as a complementary technology. Schools are encouraged to evaluate the features and benefits of the Learning Connection in light of technologies already available locally and to devise a plan about how to encourage use of the Learning Connection in ways that make sense in the local context. With regards to data, the Learning Connection will serve the purpose of reporting on and displaying data from various sources. It is not the intent of the Department to develop a state-wide student information system.