Resources and Publications

Posted: Wed, 09/28/2011 - 2:04pm Updated: Mon, 02/23/2015 - 2:00pm
  • Curriculum Units for High Ability Students - View and print differentiated units of study in the Curry/Samara Matrix format with lesson plans linked to state standards. Sort by grade or subject to see curriculum units developed by your colleagues in Indiana.
  • Guiding Students with High Abilities Social and Emotional Considerations
  • Indiana Association for the Gifted  Parent Guide to High Ability Education and Advocacy
  • Superintendents Reading and Writing about Gifted Ed - from NAGC "…gifted learners are wholly dependent on superintendents and other passionate advocates who recognize their needs," is the organizing principal of the article, "All Gifted is Local," featured in the February issue of The School Administrator magazine. Just in case you missed it, click HERE to read the article. NAGC encourages you to share the article with others. The same issue includes articles about local gifted education programs around the country, as well as articles by Dr. Sally Reis from the University of Connecticut and Dr. Eric Smith of the College Board. Click HERE to access the entire issue. You may also want to visit NAGC's website. NAGC has recently posted information and resources for districts that support the school administrator article; you will also find other helpful information on their site.
  • Programming for Talent Development: What's Unique About the Four Levels of Service? - The lead article in the October-December, 2002 Center for Creative Learning Newsletter written by Don Treffinger, Grover Young, Carole Nassab, and Carol Witting outlines differentiation using the Levels of Service model.
  • Tiered Curriculum Project - Print K-12 lessons plans…science, math and language arts. Each grade level provides three lessons tiered by interest, readiness and learning style.