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Office of Digital Media

Posted: Tue, 06/07/2011 - 10:04am Updated: Wed, 06/17/2015 - 11:27am
The Office of Digital Media has primary responsibility for maintaining the IDOE’s public and intranet web presence, online learning environment, and digital communication by creating textual, video and audio media in a variety of formats.

Web Site

The Office of Digital Media publishes the agency Web site in collaboration with the Office of Communication and all agency programs that are represented on the Web site.

Video Recording and Distribution Services

Beginning in 1998, the Department was the first state education agency to stream video. Since then the collection has grown from a single fifteen minute production to hundreds of streams featuring monthly programs such as the State Board meeting to a plethora of special events. This expertise is now being leveraged in video- based learning projects.

Online Learning (Moodle)

The Office of Digital Media maintains the online Moodle learning management system. Consulting and assistance are provided to IDOE staff that need to initiate online learning for their clients. The system is home to 42 professional development courses and in the span of five years this system has served over 50,000 students.

Digital Video Studio / Audio and Video Services / Videoconferencing

The IDOE is the only agency in the Indiana state government that operates an in-house TV Studio. The fully digital facility has the capability of mixing live shows “on the fly” for live transmission to the Web and other conference rooms throughout the IDOE facility. The TV Studio also acts as our main videoconferencing location with the capability of connecting to nine sites at the same time. This gives IDOE the capability of meeting with select individuals on a more regular basis while reducing travel expenses.

Media Production and Duplication

IDOE has over thirteen years of video production experience spanning genres of documentary, training and live events. In the spring of 2008, a video program known as “Choices”, produced by the IDOE in cooperation with the National Safe Neighborhoods Program, was selected to be screened in the Indianapolis International Film Festival.


Staff Directory

Name Position Email Phone
Berry, Alan Digital Media Specialist (317) 234-6811
Gilroy, Don Director of Digital Media (317) 232-0810
Grist, Garin Digital Media Specialist (317) 234-1299
Nguyen, Nhan Web Application Developer (317) 234-6810