Moodle Login Assistance

Posted: Thu, 10/06/2011 - 3:57pm Updated: Tue, 01/27/2015 - 3:16pm

Please use these directions as a guide to logging in to the Indiana Department of Education Moodle Class server. You should already have been provided with a username (probably your email address) and a password.


Go to this web address:


You'll be greeted with this screen. Use the username and password, provided by the Indiana DOE, to login by filling in the blanks on the right side of the screen in the Login block. Please use only lower-case letters. For example, if your email address was, you would use as your username to login.

Keep in mind, we are using a general password for everyone in this class. You will be forced to change your password to anything you wish in the next step.

Some people will be allowed to create their own username and password. You should have been told one way or the other by a DOE staff member.




If you successfully logged in, you'll see this on the screen (of course with your username already filled-in.Fill-in the password you just used to get into Moodle and then fill-in a new password in both of the fields. Make sure you remember your new password. If you happen to forget, email the Moodle Master.


If you successfully changed your password, you'll see this screen. Click Continue.


The next screen displays your profile. If you want to explore updating your profile, feel free to click the various link on the page.

These instructions do not get into updating your profile so we'll move on to the main Moodle home page. Click the tiny link in the upper left corner of the screen that reads Home.


This is the main Moodle home page. It shows some (but not all) of the classes that are available. If you're enrolled in three classes, three course heading will appear. If you are enrolled in one class, only one course heading will appear. Feel free to peruse the various extra blocks of information on this page.

Let's go to your class home page - click the name of the class you want to enter. From this point, these instructions will use the "Indiana School Leaders' Self Assessment" class as an example. The look and feel of other classes may vary.


This is the Class home page. There are a number of areas to explore. Your best option is to start at the top of the Topic outline and work towards the bottom. Please read everything.


Basic Navigation. As you delve deeper into the class, you'll notice there's always a convenient navigation "breadcrumb" at the top, left side of the page. You can always return to your class home page by using the links in this area. See below.



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