Job Bank Frequently Asked Questions

Posted: Wed, 07/16/2014 - 10:28am Updated: Tue, 01/27/2015 - 3:20pm

If your question is not answered below, please send a message to the Job Bank Administrator using this form. Select Job Bank in the Topic pull-down menu. Please remember: Postings are managed by schools and not the Indiana Department of Education.


Q.  I have a question about an particular job posting.  Who do I contact?

A. Please use the contact information in the posting to get answers to your questions.  Postings are managed by schools and not the Indiana Department of Education.


Q. I am interested in State employment. How do I apply for a position at the Indiana Department of Education?

A. Click here for an RSS feed of positions available within IDOE.


Q. I have been asked to post positions for more than one school corporation or charter school in Indiana. How can I do that if I am restricted to posting for only one corp?

A. You need to contact the corporation or charter school and have them set up an email address for you to use. Then, use that email account to sign up for an account on DOE Online. This means you will have more than one account on DOE Online.


Q. I forgot my password to post positions.  How can I get it reset?

A. Use this link to initiate the process of resetting your password.  You'll receive an email with instructions. Remember to quickly act on the email as the link provided will expire after two days.


Q. Who do I contact for information about educator licensing in Indiana?

A. For information on licensing go to this site or call (317) 232-9010.


Q. Who can post jobs to the School Personnel Job Bank?

A. Only accredited Indiana public and non-public schools may request an account and post in the Indiana School Personnel Job Bank.  Please do not attempt to request an account to post unless your organization meets this basic requirement. If you are a NEW SCHOOL, your accounts for the Job Bank can not be activated until July 1st.


Q. How do I request an account?

A. Click here to request an account. Once your account is activated, you can manage your job postings by going to Once you login and have reset your password for the first time, navigate to School Personnel Job Bank >> Job Posting Administration.


Q. Why aren't all school-related jobs in Indiana posted in the Job Bank?

A. Unlike some states, Indiana schools are not required to report their job openings to the Indiana Department of Education. Positions posted here are reported voluntarily.


Q. Where can I find other job openings?

A. If you graduated in-state, work with your college's placement office (others may be charged a fee). Or, contact the school corporation offices in or around the county where you wish to find employment to inquire about openings in that area.


Q. Can I copy and paste text into a field when posting a position?

A. Yes. Be careful that you do not exceed the maximum number of allowed characters per large text field - which is 4,000. If you exceed the max allowed in any field, you will receive this error: Unable to store the Job information. Please contact jobs- for assistance. We have noticed that if you have heavily formatted text, the 4,000 character limit is reached fast. Formatted text (bold, colored, etc.) contains hidden characters which add to the total 4,000 character limit.


Q. I contacted a school about a job and the position was already filled.  Why was the position still posted on your Job Bank.

A. The position was still posted because the school did not login and mark it as filled.  Postings are managed by schools and not the Indiana Department of Education.