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State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Posted: Thu, 07/07/2011 - 11:50am Updated: Tue, 01/27/2015 - 2:57pm

Welcome to the Indiana Department of Education!

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of support to Indiana’s schools, teachers, students and parents. We are working with educators, policy makers, business leaders, and community based organizations to achieve our mission to build an education system of high quality and equity that is focused on student-centered accountability.

The Indiana Department of Education is using a community approach to educating our children and in building support systems for our schools. No matter where children live in our state, they should enter schools that have equity in resources and the expectation they will receive a high quality education. We have established the division of Outreach for School Improvement to embrace this philosophy and approach to ensuring continuous and measurable improvement for both our students and schools.

Glenda Ritz
Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction

Staff Directory

Name Position Email Phone
Acobert, Lisa Executive Director of Finance and Business Operations (317) 234-0205
Barnes, John Director of Legislative Affairs (317) 232-0576
Cochran, Cory Assistant Director of Government Affairs (317) 232-6617
Coyne, Jeffrey Director of Federal Relations (317) 232-0551
Hartzer, Craig Chief of Staff (317) 234-6790
Mansfield, Annie Executive Assistant to the Superintendent (317) 232-6612
Regnier, Risa Assistant Superintendent of School Support Services (317) 232-0501
Reske, Scott Executive Director of Government and Public Affairs (317) 234-6014
Ritz, Glenda Superintendent of Public Instruction (317) 232-6613
Shockey, Danielle Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction (317) 234-6904
Snelling, Selina Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff (317) 233-3457
Walsh, Steve Special Assistant to the Superintendent (317) 234-0959
Weldy, Pete Director of Policy and Research (317) 234-4703