Posted: Fri, 09/23/2011 - 2:35pm Updated: Mon, 05/22/2017 - 2:38pm
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Your responsibility as the Building Level Administrator/Principal/Director/Supervisor for your Year Two IMAP Teachers and School Service Personnel is very important. In the past, IMAP Year Two Teachers and School Service Personnel had to complete a portfolio in order to satisfy their IMAP requirements. Though the portfolio concept had the best intentions, it was felt by former IMAP Teachers, School Service Personnel, Scorers, Mentors, Administrators and the Indiana Department of Education that the portfolio caused a great deal of stress and anxiety and took a great deal of time and energy from the beginning educator. In addition, the results of the portfolio did not really establish whether new teachers and school service personnel were ready for their five-year Proficient Practitioner license. The attachments below are the replacements for the portfolio requirements. The Indiana Department of Education feels that you are the best person to ascertain how the new educator has developed at this point.

Each assessment has been designed for either a 2nd Year IMAP Teacher or a 2nd Year IMAP School Service Personnel (School Nurse, School Counselor, School Social Worker, and School Psychologist). You and the Year Two IMAP candidate should meet at the beginning of the school year (or as soon as possible) to discuss each principle or standard. This tool can be used as a part of your normal evaluation of the IMAP candidate as you check on their progress throughout the school year. In order for the IMAP candidate to move to the next level of licensure, they must be at the proficient level for at least 80% of the whole assessment (eight out of 10 Principles for Teachers, five out of seven Standards for School Service Personnel).

Once you have completed the appropriate assessment tool, a copy of the completed tool should be given to the IMAP candidate. DO NOT send the assessment tool to the IDOE. The original can be placed in the candidate's file. The IMAP candidate must have an IMAP completion letter from you to apply for his or her Proficient Practitioner license. We have included a template for you to use.

To assure that all 2nd Year IMAP candidates have completed their IMAP requirements and are eligible, we are asking for a final confirmation from either the School Corporation or individual schools on their 2nd Year IMAP candidates. This confirmation is the School IMAP Approval Form which is to be emailed as an attachment to Tammi Doss at

This step may have already been done by your school corporation, so please check with them before completing this form. No licenses will be processed by IDOE without this final confirmation.

Please open and review the documents below for directions and to complete the approval form.

BLA/Principal/Director/Supervisor IMAP Links
School IMAP Approval Form
IMAP Completion Letter