Posted: Fri, 09/23/2011 - 10:24am Updated: Mon, 05/22/2017 - 2:25pm

To teach in an accredited school in Indiana, you must hold a valid Indiana License. You will need to submit an application through the Indiana Department of Education's online License Verification and Information System (LVIS). Along with your application you will need to submit several materials listed on the “Out-of-State Graduates - How to Apply?” page. It is important that all materials are submitted together. Otherwise, your application will be marked as pending until we receive all missing materials which will prolong your application process time.

Once your application has been received by our office, we will conduct an evaluation of your credentials to determine a) what type of Indiana License you may be eligible to receive, and b) if you have any deficiencies to complete before receiving that license (if there are any requirements for licensure in Indiana that you have not yet met). Upon completion of your evaluation, you will receive a letter by email detailing the results of your evaluation. The results are valid for three years from the date on your evaluation letter. Keep this letter as it will be an important tool in the process to receive your Indiana license.

If you hold a valid out-of-state license at the time of your application, you may be eligible for a one year Reciprocal Permit which will allow you to legally teach for one year while you complete your deficiencies. The Reciprocal Permit is a temporary license valid for ONE year only.

You MUST complete your deficiencies in order to be eligible to convert your Reciprocal Permit to a regular Indiana license. Once your deficiencies have been completed, you will need to submit an application to convert your Reciprocal Permit to a regular Indiana License. Click here for Information on Converting your Reciprocal Permit to an Educator License. Eligibility for the reciprocal permit means you have met some of the Indiana requirements for licensure and hold a valid (unexpired) out-of-state license. Because of the Interstate Compact Agreement, we are able to issue you a Reciprocal Permit; however, reciprocity does not obligate Indiana to waive certain deficiencies, nor to exempt individuals from requirements set forth by Indiana administrative law/rule.

After you submit your materials, your application will be processed and you will be able to view/print your new license through your LVIS account. To renew this license, please refer to the Renewal page on our Web site. Click here for information on license renewal.


Payment/Costs involved for 1st time licensure

When you apply for an original license there are 2 fees associated with the licensure: an Evaluation Fee and a License Application Fee. The initial payment will be used for the evaluation of your credentials. This fee is $35.00 (plus handling and transaction fees). After the evaluation is completed, a second payment of $35.00 (plus handling and transaction fees) will be due to issue the license. The Office of Educator Licensing will notify you when this payment is due.


Out-of-State license holders who previously held a Indiana Educator License can simply renew that expired license. Click here for information on license renewal.

Other Important Information