Proficiency Evaluations

Posted: Thu, 10/27/2011 - 8:36am Updated: Mon, 12/01/2014 - 1:07pm

The following language from Indiana Administrative Code (515 IAC 1-4-1(b)(3)) applies to a request for a proficiency evaluation of the testing requirements by a person with a disability.

(b) As an alternative to successfully completing the entire written examination listed under subsection 1(a) of this rule [PPST or Praxis II exams], an applicant for an initial license may demonstrate proficiencies in the subject areas required by the examination in the following circumstances:

(3) An applicant who has a disability that would affect the applicant's performance on the examination, for which the applicant has taken the examination with reasonable accommodations, and for which the applicant has not successfully passed the entire examination, may not be required to have obtained a passing score in all subject areas required by the examination. To take advantage of this subsection, the applicant, at a minimum, should submit the following to the board:

(A) A letter in which the applicant requests a review of the applicant's proficiencies in the pertinent subject areas.

(B) Credible documentation of the disability from an appropriate professional.

(C) Documentation which shows that the applicant has taken the examination with special accommodations.

(D) A written statement from an education professional who has worked with the applicant which attests to the competency of the applicant as a classroom teacher.

(E) A written statement from a college faculty member who has supervised the applicant's clinical experience which attests to the applicant's proficiency in classroom performance.

(F) A statement which outlines any special assistance or accommodations the candidate has had during college.

(G) The applicant's test history.

(H) A transcript copy which shows evidence of completion of a teacher preparation program, including student teaching and degree posted on the transcript. and

(I) Any other relevant documentation required by the board.

An applicant with a disability that might affect test performance should notify the testing company of the disability when making application to take the test.