Monday, May 12, 2014
Daniel Altman
Press Secretary
(317) 232-0550

INDIANAPOLIS - Today, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz unveiled an expanded and improved Migrant Education Program (MEP) for the State of Indiana. The Indiana Department of Education has successfully created seven regional centers to carry out and maintain equitable and high quality educational opportunities for migrant students. With the creation of the seven new migrant education centers, the Indiana Department of Education aims to successfully identify and serve 100% of the migrant population.

"Through a renewed investment in infrastructure and staff, and new partnerships with business leaders and parent organizations, I am excited to announce the creation of seven new regional centers to provide additional supports to Hoosier students," said Superintendent Ritz. "My department is committed to providing schools and communities with the resources they need to ensure that all children receive an equitable and high quality education.”

In 2012, the Indiana Department of Education failed to fully claim federal grants intended to ensure educational opportunities for the children of migrant workers. Since 2013, Superintendent Ritz and the Office of Migrant Education have utilized these monies while collaborating across state lines with migrant education experts and the business community to create not one, but seven regional service centers with dedicated staff to support local education agencies.

The MEP Regional Centers will provide educational and supportive services to eligible migrant students. Additionally, the MEP centers will provide professional development opportunities to teachers, administrators, and local personnel that focus on the unique educational needs of migrant children. The MEP centers will also administer the largest one-to-one technology initiative for migrant students in the entire United States. The centers are located in South Bend, West Lafayette, Jasper, Berne, Alexandria, Columbus, and Connersville.