Monday, April 7, 2014
Daniel Altman
Press Secretary
(317) 232-0550

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Department of Education released educator effectiveness data for the 2012-13 school year today. Today’s release marks the first time this type of data has been gathered or released in Indiana History. The data show that over 87% of public school educators (teachers and administrators combined) were rated as either effective or highly effective while only 3% were rated as either needs improvement or ineffective. The remaining 10% did not receive a final evaluation due to circumstances such as resignation, or retirement.

“I am encouraged by these numbers,” said Glenda Ritz, Superintendent of Public Instruction. “For the most part, they confirm what we already knew: that public schools throughout Indiana are filled with effective and highly effective teachers. Research shows that highly effective educators are exactly the type of leaders that can turn schools around and increase school performance.

“However, they also show us where we can improve. For example, when comparing the data by school performance grades A to F, there is an increase in the percentage of educators who fall within the improvement necessary and ineffective categories and the percentage that do not receive a final rating, indicating a retention concern in our lower performing schools.

“Finally, there is a marked decrease in the percentage of highly effective educators between schools that receive an A and those that receive an F. 32% of teachers in A schools are rated as highly effective, in comparison to just 11% in schools that received an F. Highly effective educators are vital to school turnaround and my Department will be working to address this gap moving forward.”

The data, including educator effectiveness broken down by school corporation and school can be found here.