Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Daniel Altman
Executive Director of Communications
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INDIANAPOLIS - State Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz testified today before the State Senate Committee on Education about the implementation of Common Core Standards. The following is her testimony.

I appreciate the opportunity to speak before you today regarding SB 193. As the newly elected Superintendent of Public Instruction, this discussion on standards is welcome. For me, and many educators throughout the state, this discussion is not about rebuking the Common Core standards and returning to our former standards; it is about Indiana having rich dialogue about the individual standards that will guide our instruction to insure our children have the best education to give them the best college and career opportunities.

Now that schools have had an opportunity to begin transition of standards from old to new, we need to pause and review the standards, especially in the area of math. In Indiana, math standards and instruction are of prime focus. In many arenas, I hear concern regarding the math remediation of our students leaving high school and going into higher education. Approximately 35 million dollars are spent each year to provide students entering higher education remediation in math. Today, many career opportunities require extensive knowledge in the area of math, and many employers complain that students do not have the math skills needed to directly enter the work force from high school. To address this concern, we need to being with conversation around the standards and then determine the instructional delivery and assessment of those standards. We must have a clear path to make sure our students are successful.

I would envision the review process being completed in 2013 according to the process outlined in the Indiana Code. First, I would establish a standards review committee but expand that process to include public participation. The committee will make recommendations to the Education Roundtable for review and then the standards will come before the State Board of Education for adoption.