Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Daniel Altman
Press Secretary
(317) 232-0550

Superintendent Glenda Ritz announced today that the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) is ramping up its social media efforts. The department is launching two new Facebook and Twitter pages designed to keep families, students, teachers and administrators informed about education-related news, and to allow all Hoosiers to keep up-to-date with the education policy and rule making process.

"Social Media is a powerful tool, and my team will use both Facebook and Twitter to transmit important information, in real-time, to Hoosiers," stated Superintendent Ritz. "Teachers, parents, administrators, and Hoosier taxpayers can follow the IDOE's activities and the development of education legislation by simply 'liking' and 'following' these four IDOE managed social media sites."

The social media strategy is a leap forward in the IDOE's efforts to advance transparency at the department.

The IDOE Facebook is patterned after a traditional fan page, and will provide fans with consistent and informative posts regarding IDOE announcements, education opportunities, and education advancement resources, as well as local, state and national news articles about education. The department's Twitter feed will largely mirror the Facebook page, but will also include live tweeting of various meetings and events.

The IDOE is also launching a second Facebook page and Twitter feed completely dedicated to the posting of education policy. The pages will provide followers with information about education policy and allow fans to follow the Indiana Legislature's and the State Board of Education's law and rule making process, as well as federal education policy. They will also contain information about grant opportunities and information about what other states may be doing in education.

To follow the IDOE on Facebook, go to For Twitter, visit the handle @EducateIN. For the Facebook policy page, go to The Twitter handle for policy information is @IDOEPolicy.