CACFP - Vended Meals

Posted: Tue, 10/18/2011 - 8:13am Updated: Mon, 11/30/2015 - 2:44pm

The contract paperwork for vended meals can now be found on the CACFP web site. Look for the section, ‘Vended Meals.’ Institutions will be able to print copies of the Contract for Food Service (for meals vended from any source that is not a school), the Agreement to Furnish Food Service (for meals vended from a school), and the CACFP Vending Agreement Renewal. These forms must be used for all vending contracts. If your organization uses a different vending contract or agreement, it must be approved by the State Agency prior to its use.

Organizations that vend meals must submit a copy of the vending contract or the renewal form with the contract materials. This information must cover the time frame of the fiscal year to which it applies.

Indiana code allows for an original contract and three one-year renewals for these vending contracts. If you are not sending in a complete contract, you must complete and submit the CACFP Vending Agreement Renewal. Please note that a representative of the institution and a representative of the vendor must sign this document. The renewal extends the original contract for one year and notes any changes the parties have agreed upon. This will be attached to the original contract and kept in each institutions permanent file.

When procurement is expected to be more than $100,000 (non-profit institutions) or $10,000 (for-profit institutions) in aggregate value, the Competitive Sealed Bidding method of procurement must be used.

Please contact CACFP State Agency staff if you have questions regarding vended meals.