About the Outreach Division of School Improvement

Posted: Tue, 07/16/2013 - 2:35pm Updated: Tue, 07/16/2013 - 2:36pm

The Indiana Department of Education is committed to creating equitable and high quality opportunities for all Indiana students by providing levels of support and intervention to Indiana schools. The Outreach Division of School Improvement will accomplish this mission of support through the use of regional coordinators partnering with a support staff at the IDOE. Each of the thirteen Regional Coordinators will be based in the nine educational service centers throughout Indiana. The coordinators and specialists are led by an Assistant Superintendent and Director of Outreach who worked to create a team with a diverse educational background and depth of experience along with highly developed interpersonal skills. Their background of experience and skills will enable them to provide levels of support for all Indiana Schools: Reward, Focus, and Priority. The Outreach Team’s mission is to be supportive, responsive, and proactive.

The Outreach Team will study school data and School Improvement Plans and assist with improving schools by building on each school’s strengths. Assistance will be provided to schools based on the priority of needs identified in the School Improvement Model. Focus and Priority Schools will require more intentional support to assist with challenges. As a result, community partners will be recruited to connect with Indiana schools to provide service, personnel, and support. We have found many partners throughout the state who are concerned and interested in assisting with the education of our Hoosier children. The Regional Coordinators will serve as the bridge for community partners and Indiana educators. The Indiana Department of Education will become the Lead Partner for our schools needing assistance. By providing schools a prescriptive and proactive approach of supports and interventions, it is the IDOE’s goal to improve services to schools and ultimately improve student academic growth and achievement.

Each region will have unique strengths and challenges and assistance will be differentiated to schools as a response to the needs. By sharing resources and celebrations, the IDOE will be able to connect schools in need of services and support with one another. The Indiana Department of Education and the schools we serve will model the concept that by working together and utilizing our diversity and talents we will build successful community schools with equitable and high quality opportunities for all students.