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Scholastic Achievement Partners

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    Scholastic Achievement Partners brings together Scholastic Education, the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE), and Math Solutions to offer a powerful team capable of working across a broad range of needs to impact student achievement and improve low‐performing schools. The result is school turnaround and transformation that is research‐based, proven effective, and designed for scale and sustainability. This team of partners has deep experience in helping to positively impact student achievement. For over 90 years, Scholastic’s mission has been to make every student a better reader, learner, and citizen. For the last 10 years, Scholastic Education has partnered with 1,500+ districts of all sizes and 18,000+ classrooms to enable scalable, sustainable literacy improvement for struggling low income, minority, special education, limited English proficient, and low-achieving students. ICLE, founded by leading school improvement expert Bill Daggett, has 20 years of experience in helping to improve schools, strengthen instructional culture, and bolster teaching practices. Math Solutions, founded by renowned math educator Marilyn Burns, has been improving mathematics teacher effectiveness since 1984.
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Wireless Generation

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    Since 2003, Wireless Generation has worked to provide comprehensive support to many of the lowest-performing schools in the country. Wireless Generation has been a national pioneer in the field of data-driven instruction, building tools and providing services that have helped accelerate student achievement and promote teacher effectiveness. Over the past five years, in a wide range of states and school districts, Wireless Generation has further focused its services on intensive, on-site support that helps principals and teachers build collaborative, results-oriented support structures and to better align their work with the personal needs of each individual student.
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The New Teacher Project

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    The New Teacher Project (TNTP) is nationally recognized as an expert in recruiting new teachers for shortage-area subjects such as math, science and special education. Since the program's inception in 2000, nearly 26,500 Teaching Fellows have been hired in more than 38 U.S. cities. TNTP’s Indianapolis Teaching Fellows program, one of the state’s first alternative certification programs, has transformed 197 recent graduates and professionals into talented teachers since 2007, filling critical vacancies in dozens of Indianapolis-area public and charter schools. Given its extensive experience and ongoing presence in Indiana, TNTP is uniquely positioned to help the Indiana Department of Education build on this progress and ensure that students in the state’s lowest-performing schools have access to the outstanding teachers they need and deserve.
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