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Posted: Tue, 07/16/2013 - 2:14pm Updated: Fri, 06/06/2014 - 12:45pm

Outreach will be conducting an Administrator book study this summer. The goal of the book study is to increase instructional capacities of administrators and will result in a “book study in a box” for administrators to take bake to their own buildings. It starts the week of June 16, so order your book soon from your favorite store and join us in the online blog! See details about the book study here . You can register at http://indianaoutreach.wordpress.com.

Indiana Outreach County Divisions

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Staff Directory

Name Position Email Phone
Randolph, Linda Outreach Coordinator - Region 6 lrandolph@doe.in.gov (317) 518-8541
Reeves, Rebecca Outreach Coordinator - Region 2 rreeves@doe.in.gov (317) 518-8834
Robinson, Leroy Director of Outreach lrobinson@doe.in.gov (317) 234-5663
Thieme, Doug Outreach Coordinator - Region 8 dthieme@doe.in.gov (317) 518-2571
Uloho, Ebony Outreach Specialist euloho@doe.in.gov (317) 232-0534
Yates, Debbie Outreach Coordinator - Region 9 dyates@doe.in.gov (317) 234-0215
Yates, Kara Outreach Coordinator - Region 1 kyates@doe.in.gov (317) 518-3828
York, Karen Outreach Coordinator - Region 1 kyork@doe.in.gov (317) 518-4288