Posted: Wed, 04/25/2012 - 4:06pm Updated: Fri, 01/23/2015 - 9:23am

The Information posted below represents the results of a review process performed by a selected group of individuals recognized by those in the dating violence community of Indiana to be experts in their field. The review results, and any accompanying information, is meant to provide guidance to school personnel and others in their process of assessing and selecting teen dating violence prevention resource materials that may be implemented in the classroom or building setting. Resource materials are represented by items that can be used individually, not in conjunction with an established curriculum or program.

The assessment criteria were derived from the best practice standards for prevention described in research literature; as such, they reflect the highest theoretical standards. Given the enormous amount of resources needed to achieve all the ideals of effective prevention programming, it is not realistic that prevention initiatives could “check off” all of the programmatic components contained in the tool used to assess the materials. Therefore, evaluators should not be concerned with the inevitable fact that the program materials or curriculums do not meet every standard at the highest level – it is almost impossible. Rather, this process is meant to designate those programs and materials that are meeting the assessment guidelines at a high level relative to others.

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Assessment Scores
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Broken Harmonies (DVD)
“Start Strong Bronx” in collaboration with “Reel Works Teen Filmmaking”
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