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NIMS / ICS for Schools

Posted: Thu, 04/19/2012 - 8:26am Updated: Fri, 01/23/2015 - 9:10am

The National Incident Management System (NIMS) is a comprehensive, national approach to incident management that is applicable at all jurisdictional levels and across functional disciplines. It is intended to apply across a full spectrum of potential incidents, hazards, and impacts, regardless of size, location or complexity. NIMS helps improve coordination and cooperation between public and private entities in a variety of incident management activities and provides a common standard for overall incident management.

  • NIMS Implementation
  • IS 100, Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS) for Schools
  • IS 700, NIMS Introduction
  • IS 362, Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools
  • IS 366, Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters