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Science Education

Posted: Tue, 07/22/2014 - 3:09pm Updated: Thu, 10/29/2015 - 11:12am

"In a world filled with the products of scientific inquiry, scientific literacy has become a necessity for everyone. Everyone needs to use scientific information to make choices that arise every day. Everyone needs to be able to engage intelligently in public discourse and debate about important issues that involve science and technology. And everyone deserves to share in the excitement and personal fulfillment that can come from understanding and learning about the natural world." -National Science Education Standards

"The science curriculum in the elementary grades, like that for other subject areas, should be designed for all students to develop critical basic knowledge and basic skills, interests, and habits of mind that will lead to productive efforts to learn and understand the subject more deeply in later grades. It is not necessary in these grades to distinguish between those who will eventually become scientists and those who will chiefly use their knowledge of science in making personal and societal choices. A good elementary science program will provide the basis for either path in life." -Taking Science to School: Learning and Teaching Science in Grade K-8

Be on the look out for the release of the Next Generation Science Standards in April for public review! Next Generation Science Standards.

Also, click HERE to learn more about the U.S. Department of Education's Green Ribbon Schools Award.

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