Fiscal Audit

Posted: Fri, 03/02/2012 - 12:59pm Updated: Thu, 07/09/2015 - 11:56am

School corporations are required to submit the following documents:

  • Report of Expenditures (Part B and Preschool)
  • General Ledger Detail (Part B and Preschool)
  • Report of Expenditures compared to Prior Year
  • Calculation for Maintenance of Effort Requirement
  • Narrative Describing the Expenditures Cycle
  • Calculation for the Provision of Equitable Services to Children with Disabilities in Nonpublic Schools
  • Evidence that “Split-Funded” Personnel Maintain Program Activity Reports
  • Inventory Listing Containing Required EDGAR Components

Monitoring Timelines

  • Documentation: Final Reports, General Ledger, Time and Effort Reports
  • Participants Chosen: August
  • Vendor Contacts LEAs: Fall
  • Findings of Noncompliance: Issued the following Spring
  • Follow-up: Described in findings report if required

Information and Guidance

  • Each LEA is on a yearly rotation for monitoring Fiscal Audits. The rotation list is available on the Monitoring page.
  • Federal regulations require each employee funded under a federal grant to have documentation of Time and Effort Reporting.
  • Document and Task List for the Fiscal Audit
  • How the LEA Audits affect Local Determinations: Description of points included in the calculation of an LEA's Local Determination based on findings issued as a result of the Fiscal Audit.
  • 511-IAC-7-48 outlines the expenditure of State Special Education funds on services to nonpublic school students with disabilities. 
  • The following forms must be submitted to the IDOE when an LEA is selected for participation in a Fiscal Audit:
    • Printout from DOE-SE (Special Education) report showing number of claimed nonpublic school students for the LEA.
    • Narrative explaining how Additional Pupil Count (APC) was calculated as well as the APC calculation.
    • Worksheet showing the amount of money generated by students enrolled in nonpublic institutions.
    • Time and Effort Logs (PARs or Semi-Annual Certification) for all LEA staff members serving students enrolled in nonpublic schools