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The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) per IDEA 2004 requires that states monitor the implementation of the Least Restrictive Environment requirement of IDEA and report the overall proportion of students educated in a number of educational placement categories from each LEA compared to state targets for these placement categories.

The following metric is used to determine Indiana’s current basis for required Technical Assistance Support determination and additional optional resources for LEAs to utilize as needed.

Indicator 5 LEA Metric for LRE Technical Assistance

5A: % of Students Participating in Gen Ed 80% or more of the day. 5B: % of students served in self-contained special education (in gen ed. less than 40% of the day) 5C: % of students served in the most restrictive settings (Separate School, Residential, Homebound)
Target ≥ 69% ≤ 11% ≤ 2.14%
Nominal Below Target by up to 3.99% Above Target by up to 1.49% Above Target by up to 1.84%
FFY 2015 65.01% - 68.99% 11.01% - 12.49% 2.15% - 3.98%
Significant Below Target by 4% - 7.99% Above Target by 1.5% - 3.49% Above Target by 1.85% - 2.84%
FFY 2015 61.01% - 65% 12.5% - 14.49% 3.99% - 4.98%
Critical Below Target by more than 8% Above Target by more than 3.5% Above Target by more than 2.85%
FFY 2015 ≤ 61% ≥ 14.5% ≥ 4.99%

Tier Determinations

Tier 1-
Tier 2-
Tier 3-
Available to any LEA TA will be provided through a Focused Model TA will be provided through a Targeted Model and Required TAP
LEA outside of State Target for one area LEA outside of State Target in two areas or by a significant % in one area LEA outside of State Targets by a critical % in one or more area
% away from target is nominal % away from target is more significant and impact on state data increased % away from target is more critical and impact on state data increased
Trend Data will be reviewed and LEAs may be moved from one tier to another based on a review of trend data, and progress towards or away from state targets. N size will also be a factor in determining tier placement.


Tier 3-
Sub- Tiers
Targeted A Beyond State Targets by 2.0 x Critical % in one or more area
Targeted B Beyond State Targets by 1.5 x Critical % in one or more area
Targeted C Beyond State Targets by a Critical % in one or more area

Indiana’s Targets for Least Restrictive Environment Student Placement Proportions for next 5 Years

Target A: > 72%
B: < 9.5%
C: < 2.11%
A: > 71%
B: < 10%
C: < 2.12%
A: > 70%
B: < 10.5%
C: < 2.13%
A: > 69%
B: < 11%
C: < 2.14%
A: > 68%
B: < 11.5%
C: < 2.15%
Please refer to text below
Data calculated based on Data submitted on the DOE SE (December 1) and cross referenced with the DOE RT/EM Reports
Data analysis - March-April; Tech Assistance Recommendations - May; Root Cause Analysis - Due to IDOE by Aug. 15; Implementation: Begin TA Activities: Year 1: Can begin in October (may have started earlier"

Data Analysis:

  • The students included in LRE calculation data are those that are reported as being assigned to your corporation of legal settlement (COLS) as of the finalized version of the December 1, 2014 DOE-SE on March 3, 2015. * Local LEA data errors may show up in this area. It is encouraged for LEA administrators to closely review STN spreadsheets.
  • This data reflects ONLY students that are placed in special education environments for the following LRE codes: 50, 51, 52, 53, 54 and 57, grades kindergarten through 12+.
  • Students that attend another district for programs outside of their COLS are calculated and counted for LRE purposes back to the COLS. This includes students that may be served in state facilities (ISD, ISBVI) or residential programs (excess cost placements) or those students who reside in your district, but are served by another district in a specialized cooperative program (for example, a Life Skills or Emotional Disabilities self-contained classroom). This does not include students who are being served by DOC; these students should be coded as LRE Code 55 and would not be included in the count. There are some instances where there may be data collection errors, due to student are being placed in Residential Placements by DOC and not by the CCC. LEA’s affected by this should contact IDOE to clarify how to resolve this discrepancy.
  • ADM 3 “Cash transfer Students” are calculated and counted for LRE purposes as a part of the COLs for the LEA they have enrolled in regardless of their residence.
The key to remember for determining who is responsible for the LRE of a student, is “Which LEA determined placement for the student at the CCC originally?”

Current Indiana LRE State Data:

  • Data coming soon

Information and Guidance

  • Each LEA is on a monitoring rotation for Fiscal Audits. The rotation list is available on the Monitoring page.
  • Memo form US-DOE Office of Special Education Programs regarding Preschool LRE requirements and placement, February 2012.
  • DOE-SE Report layout and instructions: This is located on the Learning Connection in the "IDOE - Data Collection" Community, under the "Files and Bookmarks" tab, in the "Special Education" folder.
  • Indicator 5 in the APR (Part B Annual Performance Report): Details about Indiana's statewide results.

Indiana Resource Network

The following Resource Centers provide assistance and information with subjects that affect Indicator 5: