Monitoring Guidance

Posted: Thu, 02/23/2012 - 11:28am Updated: Fri, 01/23/2015 - 11:23am

Each state is required to develop a Part B State Performance Plan (SPP) that addresses 20 Indicators identified by Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). States are required to establish rigorous performance targets for each of the indicators and to submit an Annual Performance Report (APR) detailing progress toward those targets.

Indiana’s Continuous Improvement Focused Monitoring System must ensure that school corporations meet federal and state requirements related to the SPP indicators and make progress toward indicator targets. In addition, school corporations must comply with all other federal and state requirements related to programs for students with special needs.

Information and Guidance are available for each Indicator as well as additional monitoring activities. Also available is a printable Compliance and Performance Monitoring Guide specific to 2012.

Each LEA found out of compliance is issued a Monitoring Workbook containing details for each Indicator for which the LEA was found to be out of compliance. These Workbooks present both a breakdown of data as well as a Root Cause Analysis. LEAs must complete the Root Cause Analysis, create a Corrective Action Plan, and, if applicable, correct any individual cases of noncompliance and return the completed Workbook to the IDOE Office of Special Education by a specified date. Upon receiving the completed Workbook,  the IDOE is able to provide more targeted TA to ensure the noncompliance is corrected.  An example of the Monitoring Workbook along with instructions is available to download here.

Part B Compliance and Performance Indicators:

Indicator 1: Graduation Indicator 11: Initial Evaluations
Indicator 2: Dropout Indicator 12: Early Childhood Transition
Indicator 3: Assessment Indicator 13: Secondary Transition with IEP Goals
Indicators 4A & 4B: Suspension/Expulsion Indicator 14: Post-Graduate Outcomes
Indicator 5: Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Placement Indicator 15: Correction of Noncompliance
Indicator 6: Preschool Settings Indicator 16: Written Complaints
Indicator 7: Preschool Skills Indicator 17: Due Process Hearings
Indicator 8: Parent Involvement Indicator 18: Hearing Requests that went to Resolution
Indicator 9: Disproportionate Representation in Special Education Indicator 19: Mediations
Indicator 10: Disproportionate Representation in Specific Disability Categories Indicator 20: Timeliness and Accuracy of Reported Data

Additional Monitoring Activities:

Compliance and Performance Monitoring Timelines for 2012:

You may also reference a printable Compliance and Performance Monitoring Calendar

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