Name Position Office Email Phone
Bracale, Jolene Program Coordinator for Student Health Services Health (317) 232-0541
Coffey, Cheryl Student Health and Chronic Disease Specialist Health (317) 232-9133
Culhan, Amanda Program Coordinator for School Counseling Student Assistance (317) 232-0510
Danyluk, Catherine Director of Student Services & State Attendance Officer Attendance (317) 232-9150
Hacker, Audra Home School Support Specialist Home School (317) 232-9111
Jani, Deepali McKinney - Vento Homeless Education State Coordinator Student Services (317) 233-3372
Roberts, Dona Asthma and Environmental Health Specialist - Contractor Health (317) 408-2262
Wittman, Jeffrey Student Support Specialist and Foster Youth Coordinator Student Services (317) 234-5704