Staff Directory

Name Position Office Email Phone
Acobert, Lisa Executive Director of Finance and Business Operations Superintendent (317) 234-0205
Barnes, John Director of Legislative Affairs Superintendent (317) 232-0576
Cochran, Cory Special Assistant to the Superintendent Superintendent (317) 232-6612
Coyne, Jeffrey Director of Federal Relations Superintendent (317) 232-0551
Hartzer, Craig Chief of Staff Superintendent (317) 234-6790
Horton, Amy Superintendent of Student Achievement and Improvement Superintendent (317) 234-5603
Naughton, Laura State Board Administrator Superintendent (317) 232-6617
Reske, Scott Executive Director of Government and Public Affairs Superintendent (317) 234-6014
Richburg, DeVonne Special Projects Coordinator Superintendent (317) 234-7033
Ritz, Glenda Superintendent of Public Instruction Superintendent (317) 232-6613
Shockey, Danielle Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction Superintendent (317) 234-6904
Snelling, Selina Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff Superintendent (317) 233-3457
Whitcomb, Trish Senior Advisor to the Superintendent Superintendent (317) 232-0581