Name Position Office Email Phone
Henry, Sue Health Science, Health & Wellness, and Physical Education State Program Leader CTE (317) 234-0217
Irwin, Dena Business, Marketing, Information Technology, & Entrepreneurship State Program Leader CTE (317) 233-6004
McCullah-Glowacki, Celya CCR/CTE Pathway & Special Projects Coordinator, Agriculture State Program Leader and Fine Arts Specialist CCR (317) 234-5719
McIntyre-Reiger, Alyson Family & Consumer Sciences State Program Leader and Work Based Learning Coordinator CTE (317) 232-9168
Moore , Davis Trade & Industry State Program Leader and Civil Rights Coordinator CTE (317) 232-0512
Ogle, Eric Perkins Administrator CTE (317) 232-9167
Rinehart, Mary Engineering & Technology State Program Leader CTE (317) 232-0815