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In April of 2014, the Indiana State Board of Education approved the adoption of new standards for English/Language Arts. These new standards have been validated as college and career ready by the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, the Indiana Department of Education, and the Indiana Center for Education and Career Innovation. This means that students who successfully master these English/Language Arts objectives for what they should know and be able to do by the time they graduate from high school will be ready to go directly into the workplace or a postsecondary educational opportunity without the need of remediation.

College & Career Ready Standards LogoInstruction in English (literature, composition and speech) and language arts (reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing) provides vital content for lifelong learning and problem solving in our increasingly complex technological world. English/Language Arts (ELA) instruction engages students in the essential thinking skills and processes used across subject areas.

English/Language Arts Standards Vertical Articulations
The Vertical Articulation documents illustrate the significant connections between the standards across grade levels. Administrators and teachers are strongly encouraged to use these documents to facilitate cross-grade level discussions.
Title Updated Download
K-5 E/LA 07/11/2014 PDF
6-12 E/LA 07/11/2014 PDF


English/Language Arts Standards
This document specifically lists the standards for the isolated grade or grade band; the standards are broken into key areas identified for the standard (e.g. Reading: Literature section for grades 6-12: Key Ideas and Textual Support, Structural Elements and Organization, and Synthesis and Connection of Ideas.)
Title Updated Download Download
Kindergarten 07/15/2014 PDF Word
Grade 1 07/15/2014 PDF Word
Grade 2 07/22/2014 PDF Word
Grade 3 07/15/2014 PDF Word
Grade 4 07/15/2014 PDF Word
Grade 5 07/15/2014 PDF Word
Grade 6 07/15/2014 PDF Word
Grade 7 07/15/2014 PDF Word
Grade 8 07/15/2014 PDF Word
Grades 9-10 07/15/2014 PDF Word
Grades 11-12 07/15/2014 PDF Word


Indiana Content Area Literacy Standards
The standards provide guidance to content area teachers in grades 6-12 (e.g., History/Social Studies teachers, Science teachers, Career and Technical Education teachers, etc.) on expectations for integrating reading and writing skills into their daily instruction. 

Title Updated Download
History/Social Studies Content Area Literacy 04/15/2014 PDF
Science/Technical Studies Content Area Literacy 04/15/2014 PDF


English/Language Arts Standards Correlation Guides
This document provides guidance and illustrates the correlations between the Indiana Academic Standards (2014) and the previous standards; Indiana Academic Standards (2006) and Indiana Common Core State Standards (2010). Teachers are encouraged to use this document as an instructional support tool.

Title Updated Download
Glossary (K-12) 05/29/2014 PDF
Grade K 05/29/2014 PDF
Grade 1 05/29/2014 PDF
Grade 2 05/29/2014 PDF
Grade 3 07/22/2014 PDF
Grade 4 05/29/2014 PDF
Grade 5 07/22/2014 PDF
Grade 6 05/29/2014 PDF
Grade 7 05/29/2014 PDF
Grade 8 05/29/2014 PDF
Grade 9-10 05/29/2014 PDF
Grade 11-12 05/29/2014 PDF

Classroom Online Support Tools

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English/Language Arts Educators on the Learning Connection

Information and resources regarding ELA can be found in the level-specific communities on the Learning Connection. Follow these steps to become a member of a Learning Connection community:

  • Log in to the Learning Connection
  • Click on Find a Community
  • For Middle School level: Type in “IDOE-Literacy in the Middle”
  • For High School level: Type in “IDOE-Secondary ELA/Literacy Collaborative”
  • Click on Join Community