Posted: Wed, 09/17/2014 - 10:15am Updated: Mon, 10/17/2016 - 4:29pm

State of the Classroom

Students entering our classrooms today are very diverse. Each student brings his/her own language, special talents, cultural upbringing, economic background, health realities, and unique family structures. In Indiana, the state of the classroom is a reflection of our local communities. Throughout our state, children come to our schools in need of food, clothing, adult and community support. To find the true state of the classroom, and in order for our students to flourish academically and develop into productive members of our communities, we must look beyond the school walls and acknowledge the challenges that our students face outside of the classroom.

In this 2015 State of the Classroom documentary, the Indiana Department of Education in partnership with the Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations, will introduce you to courageous young people. And you’ll meet the school and community advocates working to create positive change in their lives. We will also be joined by a panel of experts to explore ways to strengthen the connections between teachers, volunteers, government agencies, and community services to give ALL of Indiana’s children the quality education they deserve, and on which our state’s future depends.


I want to spark a conversation with you about the students, educators, schools, and support organizations that make up the community we call the classroom. It is my hope that this message about Indiana’s State of the Classroom will invoke dialogue about the care that is needed for our children. This message is the first of a three-part series on the State of the Classroom; our first focus will be on Indiana's over one million students. In part two of the three part series, The State of the Classroom, Superintendent Glenda Ritz discusses our k-12 Indiana educators and their profession. Next to parenting, it is teachers to whom we entrust our children to learn how to be learners, and to leave our K-12 education system knowing they have opportunities to be productive and happy citizens of our state. Superintendent Ritz discusses the State of the Classroom for Hoosier children, including the environments and external factors that impact student success.

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