Posted: Tue, 01/28/2014 - 9:24am Updated: Wed, 07/06/2016 - 9:56am

The following websites provide resources regarding state-level policies, programs, and initiatives designed to improve student attendance.


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California Department of Education

The California Department of Education's website has tools and resources for people to identify what is chronic absence, published data and information on absenteeism, effective practices for reducing absenteeism, as well as sample verification forms schools may require parents to use.

Connecticut Department of Education

The Connecticut Department of Education compiled a PDF document, linked above, in order to help schools and districts adjust to a change in the definition of absenteeism and truancy as well as to help combat the issue. The PDF supplies useful attendance definitions; samples and suggestions for required absence documentation; and universal, targeted, and intensive absence interventions.

Georgia Department of Education

The Georgia Department of Education's website has a list of resources available for download, including a presentation on attendance, a list of best practices to combat attendance and truancy, programs at the state and local levels, research on the effects of absenteeism and attendance, as well as a resource on reducing suspensions.

Kansas State Department of Education

The Kansas State Department of Education's website briefly outlines the academic effects absenteeism and poor attendance can have on a student, then lists web resources for evidence-based programs as well as helpful websites related to attendance and school engagement.

New Jersey Department of Education

The New Jersey Department of Education's website lists a number of resources for those dealing with absenteeism and truancy, including a list of relevant government agencies, state statutes, initiatives, professional organizations, as well as independent reports and agencies.

New York City Department of Education

The New York City Department of Education websites, one designed for the general public and one designed for schools and teachers, respectively, provide information on NYC's numerous anti-absenteeism and truancy initiatives as well as helpful information and resources for what students, families, teachers, and members of the community can do to combat truancy and absenteeism.

Ohio Department of Education

The Ohio Department of Education provides a brief informational framework on developing partnerships between the school and families in order to reduce truancy and increase attendance.

Oklahoma State Department of Education

The Oklahoma State Department of Education website lists a parent engagement toolkit for download that contains information on the effects of poor attendance, as well as a list of what parents, school s and communities can do to help solve the problem of poor attendance.

Vermont Agency of Education

The Vermont Agency of Education's website lists an over view of the importance of attendance and reducing absenteeism, numerous state policies, as well as effective truancy reduction models, chosen by the state commissioner.

Virginia Department of Education

The Virginia Department of Education supplies a thorough attendance resource guide for download. This guide outlines the importance of attendance, risks and factors of truancy and absenteeism, a multiple tiered approach at combating truancy and absenteeism, community approaches, as well as sample policies, forms and paperwork for schools.