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Indiana School Corporations need to publish the Annual Performance Report (APR) in accordance with Indiana Code 20-20-8-3.

The manner of publication is specified in Indiana Code 5-3-1. All data to be included in the Annual Performance Reports, except expenditure goals adopted pursuant to Indiana Code 20-42.5-3-5. While newspapers and the public have access to the site, each school corporation is responsible for notifying local newspapers and authorizing the publication of the Annual Performance Report.

All data required to be included in the Annual Performance Reports is available below. This information is provided in an EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) file. EPS files allow newspapers properly to size the information to accommodate their diverse layout formats. Please let your newspaper know that the information is provided in an EPS format.

Also provided are explanations of the data used in the Annual Performance Report. School corporations must include these explanations as part of their published reports. In order to meet the minimum requirements of IC 20-20-8, a school corporation must publish the following information: 1) the data provided by the Department of Education; and 2) a graphical representation (table) of the data.

Data provided to school corporations by the Department of Education for use in the Annual Performance Report cannot be altered. School corporations are encouraged, however, to add supplementary information that provides a more complete picture of schools.

An increasing number of newspapers across the state are cooperating with local school corporations to create special sections with local retail and institutional advertising to include both the legally required information and supplementary information published as news and information in an effort to help the public understand school progress. Since significant preparation may be required for an effective presentation, school administrators who have not already done so are encouraged to discuss the possibility of such a special section with newspaper advertising and/or editorial executives as soon as possible.

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