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Indiana’s Alternate Measure (I AM) is designed to measure the Indiana Alternate Academic Standards or Content Connectors.


Blueprints define the essential content that will be measured by the assessment. Indiana educator committees, in collaboration with content experts, created the blueprints for I AM. The resource found here explains how to understand and use the I AM blueprints to support instructions.

I AM Blueprints

Mathematics English Language Arts Science Social Studies
Grade 3 Grade 3    
Grade 4 Grade 4 Grade 4  
Grade 5 Grade 5   Grade 5
Grade 6 Grade 6 Grade 6  
Grade 7 Grade 7    
Grade 8 Grade 8    
Grade 10 Grade 10 Biology  

Passage and Item Specifications

Item Specifications define exactly how each alternate standard will be measured. These documents are used by professional item writers to create items and include information such as evidence statements, Links for Academic Learning (LAL) requirements, and sample items. The resource found here explains how to understand and use the I AM item specifications to support instruction.

Links for Academic Learning (LAL)


Links for Academic Learning (LAL)


Attention (touch, look, vocalize, respond, attend)


Memorize/recall (list, describe (facts), identify, state, define, label, recognize, record, match, recall, relate)


Performance (perform, demonstrate, follow, count, locate, read)


Comprehension (explain, conclude, group/categorize, restate, review, translate, describe (concepts), paraphrase, infer, summarize, illustrate)


Application (compute, organize, collect, apply, classify, construct, solve, use, order, develop, generate, interact with text, implement)


Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation (pattern, analyze, compare, contrast, compose, predict, extend, plan, judge, evaluate, interpret, cause/effect, investigate, examine, distinguish, differentiate, generate)

Flowers, Claudia; Wakeman, Shawnee; Browder, Diane M.; Karvonen, Meagan. "Links for Academic Learning (LAL): A Conceptual Model for Investigating Alignment of Alternate Assessments Based on Alternate Achievement Standards." Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice, v28 n1 p25-37 Spr 2009.

I AM Item Specifications

Subject Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 High School

Language Arts

ELA Grade 3 ELA Grade 4 ELA Grade 5 ELA Grade 6 ELA Grade 7 ELA Grade 8 ELA Grade 10
Mathematics Math Grade 3 Math Grade 4 Math Grade 5 Math Grade 6 Math Grade 7 Math Grade 8 Math Grade 10
Science   Science Grade-4   Science Grade-6     Science Biology
Social Studies     Social Studies Grade 5