Posted: Mon, 09/24/2018 - 1:06pm Updated: Mon, 09/28/2020 - 9:29am

The Quantile Framework® for Mathematics

The Quantile Framework for Mathematics measures a student’s readiness to learn mathematics concepts and skills and matches it to math content.

What is a Quantile® Measure?

The Quantile Framework consists of Quantile measures and the Quantile scale. A Quantile measure represents the difficulty of a mathematical skill, concept or application and a student’s understanding of these mathematical skills and concepts. Quantile measures are expressed as numeric measures followed by a “Q” (for example, 850Q), and represent a position on the Quantile scale.

The Quantile Framework spans the developmental continuum from Kindergarten mathematics through the content typically taught in Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Pre-calculus, from below 0Q (Emerging Mathematician) to above 1600Q.

Quantile measures take the guesswork out of determining which mathematical skills a developing mathematician has learned and which ones require additional or future instruction. They improve mathematics teaching and learning by helping educators and parents target instruction and monitor student growth toward the mathematical demands of college and careers.

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Understanding Quantiles

College-and-Career Readiness Growth Planner

An important factor in college and career readiness is students’ mathematical ability as they progress through school. The Quantile Framework provides valuable insights into student readiness by measuring both the complexity of mathematics materials and a student’s mathematical knowledge and skill.

Click here to access the Quantile® Growth Planner and monitor growth towards college and career readiness in mathematics.

Quantile Measures in Indiana

Each grade 3-8 student who completes the ILEARN Mathematics assessment will receive a Quantile measure. Please contact your child’s school to determine whether additional assessments and instructional programs are used in your child’s classroom to report a student Quantile measure.

Benefits for Students, Parents and Educators

  • Benefits for Students: Learn how a student’s Quantile measure can help parents better understand and communicate with their child’s teacher about which skills and concepts their child is ready to learn.
  • Benefits for Educators: Quantile measures empower educators in K-12 mathematics to prepare students for the introduction of new content. Learn how the Quantile Framework can help educators target instruction, track growth and identify appropriate resources.

Understanding Content Standards for Mathematics with Quantile Measures

Quantile® Math Skills Database and the Quantile® Teacher Assistant, are two free web tools that allow you to search the database of Quantile skills aligned to the Indiana Academic Standards. Simply choose "Indiana" from the drop down menu within each tool to access the alignment. 

Click here to learn how Quantile measures align with and support the Indiana Academic Standards for mathematics.

Quantile Tools and Resources

The Hub platform provides access to all of the Lexile and Quantile tools that support student learning and growth in reading and math. Read tool descriptions below or visit the Hub at to access all tools.

Search the Math Skills Database for skills and concepts aligned to the Indiana Academic Standards. The database contains free, targeted resources appropriately matched to students by Quantile measure and mathematics content.

Explore the Quantile® Measures Manager to determine a student's optimal math measure when two assessments have resulted in significantly differing Quantile measures.

The Quantile Growth Planner can provide some insight as to whether a student will be prepared for the mathematic requirements of college and the workplace upon graduation. Schools can use the Quantile Growth Planner to chart a student’s growth across different annual state assessments, forecast future growth, and compare that forecasted growth with the math demands of college and careers. The Quantile Growth Planner can also be used to help identify a custom growth path to ensure the student graduates college- and career-ready, if needed.

View and print student Quantile measures by grade level. Filter your search in Quantile® Grade Level Charts by grade(s), time of year, and student population percentiles.

Interact with the new Quantile® Career Database to identify the Quantile level associated with the math demands of a particular career.

Use the Quantile® Teacher Assistant to differentiate mathematics instruction by matching skills and measures to the relevant standard educators are teaching. This tool has been aligned with the Indiana Academic Standards for Mathematics.

This overview describes the benefits of using Quantile measures in the classroom.

Parents are encouraged to review this resource to learn more about Quantile measures and how they can use them to support their children at home.

Educators and parents can review the Quantiles® Infographic  to learn more about the Quantile measure and how it can be used.

The Quantile® Map provides a graphic representation of example mathematical skills and concepts and their Quantile measures.

This free search tool helps educators, parents and students find targeted resources to supplement textbook material. You can search over 600 textbooks by title, ISBN, publisher, state edition or course. (Previously known as “Find Your Textbook.”)

The Summer Math Challenge is a free math skills maintenance program based on grade-level standards that help prepare students for college and careers. The program is targeted to students who have just completed grades 1 through 8 and is designed to help them retain math skills learned during the previous school year. Parents will receive daily emails with fun activities and links to educational resources throughout the six-week program. When the program ends, parents can print an award certificate to celebrate their child's summer math accomplishment!

Math @Home provides free access to a growing number of family-friendly mathematical resources that support the textbook lessons or math topics a student is studying in school.

More information about the Quantile® Framework can be found on the Quantile® Hub.